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Experience a unique adventure in this Anime visual novel set in the 1900s. Take care of an orphan boy with a secret past and nurture him through different plot choices and skill options.

Standard OFFER

Standard Edition

  • Little One game key


Available Now!

Limited Exclusive Offer

Little One -

Sibling Power Bundle

  • Little One game key


  • 1 exclusive Little One item for the MMORPG Florensia
  • 1.000 Ability Points (AP) for the MMORPG Florensia

Limited Available!

"Can you take him in for a while?" - One fateful night a friend who I have not seen for many years drops by with an orphan boy and asks me to take him in. Suddenly I have to take care of a child! And not just any child - there seem to be some hidden secrets bubbling just beneath the surface of that innocent face. It's time to look for answers.

  • Choose from a variety of skills to build Jake's character
  • Hone your skills carefully - you never know when they'll come in hand throughout the story!
  • Build your relationship by choosing the right dialogue options...and see how everything unfurls if you choose wrongly.
  • Create a daily schedule to use your time wisely before it runs out!
  • Look forward to various exciting story endings


How can I play your game?


To play Little One, you need to buy it and specify your email during this process. You will receive the activation key to your specified email. After that head over to STEAM, submit your game key and enjoy the game.

How will I receive my codes?


Once you have completed the transaction process you will receive two e-mails to your previously stated address. One with the Florensia item coupon and one with the Steam activation key.

Will my email information be saved and used after this purchase?


No, we only need you to specify it once, so we are able to provide you with your activation keys. Therefore please check your entered data to ensure it's correct.

Am I required to own Florensia to play Little One?


No, of course we would like to welcome you in Florensia as well, but it's not requirement for your adventures in Little One. You will still receive the voucher code for the Florensia items.

What stats do the Items have?


Ring of Family Seal


Max HP +1%

Max MP +1%

Attack Speed +2%

Regeneration Skill up +2%

AP - Package

1.000 AP

How can I play Your Game?


To be able to use and redeem these skins you are first required to already have a character in the game. For that visit: create your account, download the game and create your first character.

Once you have created your character head back to , log into your account and select "Redeem your Code" in the [Account] tab.

Finally, enter your code, select the items and the character you want them to be sent to and you're done.

You will receive an ingame email containing your item.

The AP will directly be added to your accounts wallet.

Please note that the AP provision might take longer than the receiving of the item.